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Status Update

It’s been almost two months since I was hospitalized for plumonary emboli (blood clots in my lungs) and I’ve been going up and down emotionally and creatively. I made a lot of work right after the event, including a lot of work that I have yet to process and share, and then I became even more exhausted and dried up. […]

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Golden Thorn

Confession: I have a mild to severe obsession with names, containers, and paper. I’m also an internet junkie that’s been making websites since I was 16 and own a decent collection of domain names BUT I WANT THEM ALL! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Sometimes I purchase a name for practical reasons, but most of the time a name calls to me and I […]

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Beautiful Decay

I have a whole vase of these flowers that have been drying and collecting dust for at least a year if not several. I like dead flowers almost as much, if not more than fresh ones. Sadly I cannot remember what kind of flowers these are. #100daysofscanography #100dayproject Days 11 & 12

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Feeling Angry

I spent last week admitted to the hospital for lots and lots of little blood clots in my lungs. They were caused by my birth control Loryna, which I was on less than six months, and it was very serious. I’m really lucky I went to the doctor when I did. I spent the week on bed-rest and blood thinners […]

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Green Trick (Dianthus)

Green Trick (Dianthus) #100DaysofScanography Day 9 #100dayproject

Received this plant in a bouquet. I love how it looks like moss but grows on a stem like a flower.
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Learn more about this plant.

Sierra Flower Finder

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