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The Evolution of Sound Design

Took a sound design class this semester. Had to write a short paper so here it is. This is a really gigantic area so this is just a brief overview of some aspects. I’m not an expert but have done my best to synthesize various sources for accuracy. I wish I knew more about sound because the books and articles […]

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Chemigrams & Chemograms

Made my first chemograms and chemigrams today. Both are experimental silver-gelatin based photographic techniques. Chemograms are a combination of a photographic exposure and chemical resists, while chemigrams are made only with chemical resists. I used a combination of butter, cooking spray, and honey to achieve the results seen in the following four images.

Adv. Darkroom Photography / Fall 2017
Further Learning

Chemigram; Wikipedia

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Golden Thorn

Letterhead and Business Card mockups for Golden Thorn.

Design Studio / Fall 2017

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One of the things I enjoy the most about darkroom photography is the experimentation the process seems to promote. We’ve made photograms, traditional negative prints with both 35mm film, and 120 mm film shot with a Holga, and we recently experimented with toning prints. Now I’m excited to be playing with a technique I discovered from Kristine Thompson while attending […]

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Grad Journal: Fall 2017, Week 9

Week 9: October 16th-22nd

The SPESC Photo Conference in Waco, Texas was fantastic. I flew to Dallas, Texas on Thursday, and drove to Waco, TX for the conference which took place Friday-Sunday. I landed in Atlanta around midnight Sunday night and got lost in the parking garage so I didn’t make it out of Atlanta until around 1:30 am. I was so tired […]

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