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Grad Journal: Fall 2017, Week 8

This was a short week thanks to a conference that I’m flying to Texas to attend tomorrow, but it was still plenty stressful. Right now I can’t help but think of grad school as a period of voluntary suffering, of course, I’m hoping to come out better for it at the end…if I survive it. What doesn’t kill you makes […]

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Grad Journal: Fall 2017, Week 7

Today started out great, then bombed, then got a little better. Right now this whole week feels like a haze. I shot and developed 35mm film for my film class, did web work at Faculty Commons, worked on branding for my design studio class, had several meetings, worked on a cue sheet and sound plan for Sound Design, and taught/guest […]

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Grad Journal: Fall 2017, Week 6

Relatively speaking this week was a pretty good week. I felt mostly caught up on homework before the week began. On Monday my neurologist approved me for a lumbar which gives me hope that some of my health issues will soon dramatically improve. I got a decent amount of work done, including a crap ton of work for the Photo […]

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Group Theory: Department of Art Faculty Show

Here’s a peek at the JSU Department of Art Faculty Show ‘Group Theory.’ It’s always a delight to see what kind of work the faculty have been up to and this year did not disappoint. Photography, ceramic, videography, web design, illustration, painting, and drawing work by various faculty were all on display. I was particularly delighted by the rough cut […]

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[Enclosed] A Juried Exhibition of Silver Gelatin Photography

One of my Advanced Darkroom Photography class assignments entails working with other advanced photo¬†students to plan and host a photography show. We have now completed the first major steps in that we have chosen a theme, found jurors, created a prospectus and are now advertising our call for entry. This has been a fun project to work on. I’ve enjoyed […]

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